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Now I am on my very last appointment to place the final veneer next week. Looking back after more than a year of work, healing and more, I can really fully see what an incredible one might even say genius job Jen did, and I now will have the teeth of a superstar. The staff is 5 stars as well kind, highly skilled, and extremely patient.
I had veneer revision done with Dr. Plotnick at Grand Street Dental and it was the best decision I ever made!
Alexandra N.
I have never wanted to go to the dentist in my life but this visit changed that! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the office is such a calming space. The care I received was attentive and everyone made me feel informed.
Christian M.
It is incredibly rare that in New York City you come across the level of excellence that I witnessed at Grand Street Dental. From the moment I contacted them to schedule an appointment to leaving my first cleaning, I was incredibly impressed. On top of the phenomenal service, the atmosphere is unlike any other dentist with gorgeous artwork surrounding the office, every detail seems to be thought out with care. Couldn't be more pleased!
Marie H.
I love this place. I've dreaded going to the dentist for so long but Dr. Plotnick is amazing! Beautiful facility and very caring staff. They were very detailed in everything they do and work to make YOU comfortable. All charges are detailed and they work with your insurance to make sure you make the most out of your visit. I really enjoyed my visit and I can't wait for my next appointment!
Devin C
I want to make sure you read this correctly: I just had 2 cavities filled, and I had a great time. Let me say it again. I had a GREAT time. I never thought that dental work was something that I could actually be happy about, let alone enjoy. My experience wasn't just tolerable. It was truly enjoyable.  Dr. Plotnick and her assistant Lisa are an absolute riot. They are fun, and light, and made the whole process seem like a spa day. They are quick, professional and do outstanding work. They truly care about involving you in your own treatment. This isn't about just getting as many butts in the chair as possible. They embody what it means to care for and about their patients.  From the moment you walk in you feel welcome, calm and relaxed. I've never been nervous about the dentist. If you are, this is the place to go. Bright, warm, and calm. The space is beautiful and clean, but not barren It certainly has it's own personality.  At no point during my visit did I feel rushed. Dr. Plotnick prioritized my comfort and answered all of my questions clearly and in detail. She went above and beyond what I expected, and I will look forward to my next visit.
Mary E
Thank you Grand street dental for restoring my faith in dentists ! I will keep you guys as my dentists even if I have to trek all the way from Queens. This is the best dentist in NYC!
Nim B.
This review system needs a sixth star specifically for Grand Street Dental and everyone who works there. I cannot express just how elegantly Dr. Plotnick efficiently determined and fixed issues that had been affecting my teeth for years due to sloppy work by 3 previous dentists. Never have I been treated with more respect and kindness while in a dentist's chair than at Grand Street Dental. I cannot recommend this team more highly, especially for anyone who has had any sort of nervousness about visiting the dentist.
Heidi M
I LOVE DR. JENNIFER PLOTNICK!  Her bedside manner is excellent, she's clearly an expert at what she does, she explained everything that was going on with my teeth in a way I could easily understand, and she was honest - at no point did I feel like she was trying to push unnecessary services on me. I fully trust this woman with my mouth. Also, the office is gorgeous. It's like an opulent dental spa from the future! I was amazed by my surroundings throughout the entire visit. Plus there's a dog bowl outside so you get to see doggies while you're in the waiting room.  I couldn't recommend this practice more. 
Jenna T
I LOVE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!! I never in my life thought I would say such words with such conviction! Dr. Plotnick and her incredible staff of amazing women make your fearful dental visits a truly enjoyable time. We laugh, we sing, we story tell. You actually almost forget that both of their hands are in the depths of your mouth as you're conversing about all things great or small.
Kristin L.
So many places I could start with Grand Street Dental, but let me begin like my visit began: on the phone with Kris, the incredible, efficient, amazing office manager—she is all the good words in the dictionary.  I'd heard and seen photographic proof of the beauty of the Grand Street Dental office, but I can confirm the photos just don't do it justice—it's absolutely gorgeous and completely unlike what you'd think a dentist office to look like. Dr. Plotnick greeted me in the waiting room with warm smile, while she was watering the plants. So, basically it was like I walked into her home, and that's pretty incredible. Being taken back to the treatment rooms, I'm happy to report they are just as modern and comfortable as the waiting room. And speaking of modern, last time I was there Dr. Plotnick was giddily telling me of a 3-D printer that was about to arrive. Nothing but the coolest, most modern technology for your teeth when you visit Jennifer.  But the real point you're reading this review for: teeth. The care and expertise Dr. Plotnick provided is unmatched before in all my 30 years. For example, she hand-molded two teeth to look real, and darnit, they both looked even better afterwards then they ever had beforehand. She's a master, a perfectionist and a true pro. And she's super funny and kind. I've never been so confident with my smile and teeth. And that is priceless. The whole team is brilliant, kind and, gosh darnit, I want to live in that office.  All in all, 14/10, would travel half way across the world just to get a cleaning.
Sullivan B.
Dr. Plotnick was PHENOMENAL with my 4-year-old, who was feeling nervous about his first dentist visit. She was patient, gentle, reassuring, and let him touch and explore all the instruments before she used them to clean his teeth. He left a very happy camper!
Jessica B
Dr. Plotnick and the rest of the Grand Street Dental team (Kris mans the office, I believe) are fantastic! Below are some more detailed points, in no particular order.  1) This office is immaculate, which is exactly what you'd want to see from a dental office. It's also a very trendy, all around gorgeous office. Location is great as well!   2) Jennifer was super easy going, personable, relatable, informative, & so on. I can't say enough good things about her & the hygienist as well! They are a great duo. Jennifer actually worked on my teeth herself too, which I thought was very nice. If this is even only for the first cleaning, I imagine this is a great way to be very hands on with your patients and their teeth/dental situation from the get-go.  3) They let you watch Netflix/Hulu/etc. while they work on your teeth!!! You get to pick the show too. This was awesome, and they give you beats headphones, so yes, you can still hear the tv.  4) Scheduling/getting setup with Kris was super easy. She had me email her my insurance card prior, so she literally had done everything before I walked in, so all I had to do was fill out a basic form! She also was able to tell me more about my insurance and what it covers, which as a young person new to the "having my own insurance" world, this was super super helpful! Kris was very friendly, super responsive via phone & email, and informative.  5) Highly recommend
I am so happy I found Jennifer on the recommendation of a coworker. Her office is beautiful and comfortable. She has REALLY GOOD taste in music. I know they've got HBO + such for you, but the music and the good conversation with the staff is really good enough for me. I'm still getting on track as far as dental work as an adult goes. Candace gave me a really thorough cleaning and Jennifer came in to fill a cavity and they helped me make a treatment plan for my other problem areas. They were not judgmental like every other dentist I've been to. I'm actually looking forward to going back and fixing up my mouth. I'm not going to lie, I've been listening to their Spotify playlists ALL WEEKEND. On point.
Jage J.
Dr. Plotnick is just incredible. I went to her needing two broken and badly damaged wisdom teeth removed, one that was close to a very expensive bridge. I had previously had horrible pain at the dental place I went to before and swore I would find a much better dentist this time around. Dr. Jennifer Plotnick is it! She made me feel instantly at ease in the chair, and when I told her I couldn't take too much of the Novocain that made my heart race, she gave me the option for a version that had none of those effects which I had never been offered before. And even better...I felt NO PAIN AT ALL during the removal of two badly cracked wisdom teeth! I had no swelling afterwards, no pain and the whole experience was great! Hard to think I could say this about a dental procedure but I am so lucky to have found Dr. Plotnick and will be going back to her for the rest of my life!
Natalia D
After decades of dreading "the checkup", it's a breath of fresh air (pun intended) to meet a dentist who is modern, skilled, artistic, and who cares deeply about her patients. This can be felt in every aspect of the visit. The office is beautifully appointed with modern equipments and well curated artwork. The staff is kind and knows each patient. Dr. Plotnick goes beyond all expectations to deliver masterful work in an effortless easy manner, all to the sounds of a fantastic playlist. She's the best dentist you'll ever have.
Victoria L
Smart, kind, concerned and thorough, Dr. Plotnick is an excellent dentist who showed great concern about my specific issues and went above and beyond to help me. The fact that her is GORGEOUS and everything there is state-of-the-art actually made going to the dentist an entirely new experience for me. Everyone who worked in her office was also as lovely as can be. You can tell they all enjoy working there.
Michael B
I have been to dentists all over the city and I can say from a place of experience, Dr. Plotnick is the best. I went in for a cleaning and for the first time I felt like the dentist explained everything in a way that I could understand, but also gave me confidence in their abilities and knowledge, and wasn't trying to upsell me on some new product or procedure. Dr. Plotnick was able to give me practical advice on dental care, what things are priorities, with a wonderful bedside manner. I have already scheduled a follow up visit to take care of things I had been waiting on, and am hugely relieved to finally have found a good dentist for myself and my family.
Molly L.
By far the best dentist visit I've ever had! The space is clean, comfortable and beautifully designed. Dr. Plotnick was so sweet and comforting the whole time. I'm amazed that she was able to remove the stains on my teeth since it's been two years since I've been to the dentist. My teeth are literally sparkling! The entire staff was kind and helpful! Super impressed with this place.
Margarete M
Dr. Plotnick is an outstanding dentist. She also is a very lovely person. She did composite veneers on two upper front teeth, shaped them beautifully, and matched the color perfectly to my other teeth. She is a true artist; and she does not rest until she gets it perfect. My smile never looked so good. Her office is beautiful, everything new and modern; the staff is competent and very nice. My treatment at Grand Street Dental was a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. Plotnick as your dentist.