Feelin’ Flossy

Grand Street Dental was recently featured on Cassandra.co — Check it out here!  

Grand Street Dental: Dentistry Redesigned

We are very excited to announce that, Quip (a new toothbrush company), profiled the opening of our new office in Williamsburg. The article is a great introduction to what we stand for and the kind of dental experience that Dr. Plotnick is bringing to Brooklyn. “These concepts of patient comfort, visual engagement and an ongoing


Avoiding Sugar

Try THIS👈🏼not 👉🏼THAT: Sugar causes cavities plain and simple. Here are a few easy switches you can make to help you sugar detox. Choose smoothies or juices with darker leafy greens and celery as opposed to bananas orange juice. Choose whole fruits instead of dried ones. Choose natural unsweetened iced teas instead of commercial store



When subtle tooth movements make a boom 💥 for an overall look! This #invisalign case took 4.5 months and was oh so satisfying! Now with 1 week tray wears your treatment is half the time!! We ❤️Invisalign at GSD!

Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice falls into a broader category called Pica. “Pica” which some of you may have heard about before, describes the craving and chewing of substances that have no nutritional value — such as ice, clay, soil or paper. This habit which many people suffer from can also be masking underlying nutritional deficiencies. If


Dry Mouth

Dry mouth also known as xerostomia affects 10% of the population (more often in women 💁🏻than men) and if you suffer from it, the effects can be devastating! Dry mouth is extremely uncomfortable and can lead to problems with speech, eating, cavities and altered taste! Most often dry mouth is caused by a decrease in



So you like your coffee ☕️ huh? Me too! That’s why I whiten my teeth about once a year! Many of the foods, drinks and habits we have can stain our teeth. Read on 👇🏼 to learn more ways to whiten and brighten your smile for the summer. Professional In-office Whitening treatment such as Glo


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