Kristin L.

So many places I could start with Grand Street Dental, but let me begin like my visit began: on the phone with Kris, the incredible, efficient, amazing office manager—she is all the good words in the dictionary. 

I’d heard and seen photographic proof of the beauty of the Grand Street Dental office, but I can confirm the photos just don’t do it justice—it’s absolutely gorgeous and completely unlike what you’d think a dentist office to look like. Dr. Plotnick greeted me in the waiting room with warm smile, while she was watering the plants. So, basically it was like I walked into her home, and that’s pretty incredible.

Being taken back to the treatment rooms, I’m happy to report they are just as modern and comfortable as the waiting room. And speaking of modern, last time I was there Dr. Plotnick was giddily telling me of a 3-D printer that was about to arrive. Nothing but the coolest, most modern technology for your teeth when you visit Jennifer. 

But the real point you’re reading this review for: teeth. The care and expertise Dr. Plotnick provided is unmatched before in all my 30 years. For example, she hand-molded two teeth to look real, and darnit, they both looked even better afterwards then they ever had beforehand. She’s a master, a perfectionist and a true pro. And she’s super funny and kind.

I’ve never been so confident with my smile and teeth. And that is priceless. The whole team is brilliant, kind and, gosh darnit, I want to live in that office. 

All in all, 14/10, would travel half way across the world just to get a cleaning.