Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling and Canker Sores👌🏼! Coconut oil is natures anti-inflammatory. It can reduce the swelling that causes these sores to rub against teeth more often, while soothing the pain.

Coconut oil happens to also be antibacterial and antiviral ✨, helping to heal those canker sores faster!

If you suffer from canker sores try oil pulling every morning (before you eat or brush), swishing a tablespoon of oil back and forth between your teeth for 20 minutes (it’s hard I know!) You will be amazed how fast your sores heal and how infrequently they pop up!

Did I also mention that oil pulling can help soothe and strengthen your gums, whiten your teeth and make your lips super soft?

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Oh and please don’t spit out the oil in the sink or toilet! Only in the garbage so it doesn’t clog the pipes!