La Croix

Wondering whether your #LaCroix addiction is hurting your pearly whites? Let’s discuss:

When it comes to a refreshing drink I’m all about a nice bubbly seltzer-throw a hint of citrus 🍋 in there and it’s true perfection. BUT, what are the consequences?

When it comes to daily beverages we need to be cognizant of their acid level and the duration of contact with our teeth. Aim for 6-8 on the pH scale which would be your average water, as you add carbonation the acidity rises and you start to creep closer to 5-5.5 on the pH scale.

Now here’s the rub. Add citrus to the mix and you’re down closer to 3 which is a truly acidic bevy! Take my advice and consume a delicious La Croix with a meal or all at once, but please don’t slowly consume these drinks all day or replace your normal drinking water with them. Your teeth will pay the price!