Infectious Diseases and Your Oral Health

Read on for tips on getting ahead of a cold sore outbreak👇🏼

75% of the population test positive to the HSV (herpes simplex virus) but only a portion (which is less than half) of those people actually have break outs with Sores. What’s the deal? Most likely immunity and probably luck.

The herpes virus lives dormant in your spinal cord ganglia, until stress, hormone changes, sun exposure, or a suppressed immunity stimulates a breakout.

Untreated, the virus will last for 10-14 days and be most contagious during its beginning stages when the vesicles rupture. At this stage the sore mustn’t be touched as the virus can spread easily to different body parts as well as other people, when sharing 💄makeup, utensils or 💋kissing.

Before the virus occurs, a tingling, swelling and pain may occur. At this stage, which is called the prodromal stage, certain dental treatments, medications and supplements can ward off sores!⚫Laser therapy is a high tech way to treat cold sores at their first sign-this incredible photo-stimulation will help destroy the virus without anesthesia and can help it heal faster, reducing its intensity in that spot for future outbreaks! ⚫Valcyclovir (Valtrex) is an antiviral drug that dentists can prescribe to take at the first sign of an outbreak. This pill form med will help stop the viral replication of the virus, stopping its growth-it doesn’t cure the virus but if taken at the first tingle will most certainly reduce size and duration and in many cases will prevent the sore from even appearing ✔

⚫Additionally, stay away from all foods that are high in the amino acid Arginine like turkey, nuts, and chocolate. Pump up your Lysine intake by taking a supplement of 1000mg twice a day during the period of your outbreak. Arginine promotes the growth of Herpes viruses. Lysine suppresses it.

Also, use an ice cube on the sore at its first sign to help reduce swelling.

Although there is no cure for the virus, for many people using these tips will help cut the outbreak to 1-3 days, or it may not come out at all.

👉🏼If you suffer from common herpes breakouts talk to your dentist we can help! 😷