How to Navigate Through Trauma

〰〰〰GSD’s guide to saving your teeth! 〰〰〰 ⚫

If you fall and break your tooth and you found the other piece-HOLD ONTO IT! Keep it hydrated in either a capsule of your own saliva or milk and head to the dentist immediately!

Time ⏳ is of the essence in making sure that your tooth gets the best care it can! So please don’t delay! ⚫If you CANNOT find the broken piece and your lip is bleeding, swollen and sore it’s possible that the chipped tooth is lodged in your lip. Again, head to your dentist immediately. An X-ray can verify its presence and removal will prevent infection ✔✔ ⚫If your tooth gets completely knocked out (avulsed)-find your tooth, gently wipe off any dirt minding the root tip, find its appropriate orientation and replace it back in the socket. You need to do your best at pushing it right back up and immediately head to an orthodontist who will place brackets on your teeth to stabilize the tooth back into position. NEVER wait to replace the tooth-if you can successfully replace the tooth properly back where it belongs in under 30 minutes you may very well save your tooth. After 30 mins without replacing the tooth, your chances of the tooth remaining stable in the socket decrease dramatically and could leave you needing an implant,bridge or denture

⚫NEVER try to replace a baby tooth back in the socket. If tooth avulsion happens to your little one-leave it and call your dentist.


Please practice safe sports by wearing an athletic mouthguard-and tell your dentist which sport you play so we can be sure to make you one with the appropriate thickness – and never walk on an icy street with your hands in your pockets. ✌❤