Genetics & Teeth

Can you thank Mom for your healthy (or unhealthy) teeth? Well no…although maybe yes!

Research has wavered in years past about whether there is a genetic link to decay and gum disease and although the jury is still out on whether you can blame Mom for that root canal I’m going to tell you what we know now.

Yes, you can thank your parents for that gap between your front teeth or the specific shape of your smile, but the bacteria that causes tooth decay (namely S. mutans) survives ONLY in the plaque or film that coats your teeth. Therefore if you’re born without teeth, your born without this bacteria.

Say sorry to mom and dad-this one may be on you!
Studies have shown that this bacteria CAN spread from Mom to child with kisses or sharing spoons but I’d put my chips (no pun intended) on sugar addiction and neglect being the real reason your cavity status has reached professional level.