Removable Orthodontic Retainers

Compared to regular braces, retainers have very important differences. However, they do keep your teeth in a pleasing position, as well as fix any further aesthetic issues. Trust us, they are necessary to protect and retain your beautiful smile!

What to Expect with Orthodontic Retainers

Dr. Plotnick in Williamsburg uses retainers to keep teeth in their proper placement, and many other cosmetic issues. Retainers can be used to alter the way the jaw grows, resulting in a slight difference in the structure of the face. In some cases, retainers are either removable or fixed, or in some cases, a combination of removable and fixed retainers may be used at the same time.

How do I know if I need a retainer?

Near Brooklyn, NYC, skilled dental professional Dr. Plotnick will use her expertise to determine whether your condition can be effectively corrected with the help of a removable or fixed retainer. Not all cases of orthodontic complications can be solved with a retainer. Also, there are different types of retainers, so a thorough examination with Dr. Plotnick will determine which oral appliance is right for you.

How to Remove Retainers

Most removable retainers are designed so you can easily remove them by yourself. You should always follow Dr. Plotnick’s instructions to wear them as prescribed, just like taking medication! If you don’t wear your retainer as recommended, your jaw and teeth will return to their previous positions, which will require further treatment. At Grand Street Dental, we want you to be pleased with your smile, not have to go through countless retainer appointments.

Getting Used to Your Retainers

Just like other oral devices, it may take some time to get familiar with your retainer. You may notice more saliva, which may make speaking and eating feel weird for a short time. Don’t be concerned; most patients adjust seamlessly to the retainers without any issues.

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If you have questions or concerns about your orthodontic retainers, or about your overall dental health, Dr. Plotnick in Williamsburg, NYC, can help! She will perform a standard oral examination that analyzes the condition and position of your teeth for recommendations for a aesthetically pleasing, and healthy smile! Contact Grand Street Dental today to schedule your appointment.