Brighten Your Smile

Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

Many of the foods and drinks we consume every day can stain our teeth, including coffee, tea, red wine and soda. At Grand Street Dental, we can remove years of pigment from your teeth with a single 1 hour treatment! Read on to learn about teeth whitening, as well as additional ways to whiten and brighten your smile in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Teeth Whitening

Before an in-office professional whitening treatment, your teeth will first need to be examined and cleaned. Our GLO Science professional grade whitening system can lift your smile up to 5 shades lighter without the conventional sensitivity that often comes along with other whitening systems.

A hydrogen peroxide gel is carefully applied to your teeth and activated by a specialized light tray, that you can later take home with you for touch ups! This process takes about 32 minutes split up into 8 minute intervals. To make the time fly by, put on a pair of our wireless headphones, catch up your favorite show on our chair mounted monitor and relax while you get GLOwing!

Other Options

Some other options for teeth whitening include at-home treatments like custom bleaching trays or whitening toothpaste. Custom bleaching trays can be fashioned for you by taking impressions of your teeth. These flexible trays can be worn in the comfort of your home to whiten and brighten your teeth over time. The process will generally take four to seven days to achieve the color you desire.

Whitening toothpastes have now started to incorporate hydrogen peroxide to help whiten your smile. One, in particular, Colgate Optic White, is one that Dr. Plotnick recommends. In the past, whitening toothpastes contained abrasive particles that were not recommended to be used on a regular basis. Optic White uses hydrogen peroxide and it doesn’t harm the enamel, making it a great choice.

If you are located in the Brooklyn area and are interested in teeth whitening for a brighter smile, contact us today!