Lemon Juice: Damaging to Your Teeth?

How do you damage your #teeth fast? By sipping on 🍋 water all throughout the day. Save your pearly whites by making sure you don’t bathe them in acids that can cause erosion and destroy enamel!

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Don’t leave your leftovers between your teeth or your breath may smell just like this ☝🏼Flossing removes plaque, bacteria and old stinky food out from underneath your gums and between your teeth that can lead to gum disease and decay! If you need a push, take what we call the floss and faint test😆. Floss

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Grand Street Dental Interior

Grand Street Dental: Dentistry Redesigned

We are very excited to announce that, Quip (a new toothbrush company), profiled the opening of our new office in Williamsburg. The article is a great introduction to what we stand for and the kind of dental experience that Dr. Plotnick is bringing to Brooklyn. “These concepts of patient comfort, visual engagement and an ongoing

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Chewing Gum

GUM chewers out there, you’ll appreciate this || studies show that chewing SUGARLESS gum can increase saliva flow, which reduces plaque acid, strengthens the teeth and reduces tooth decay! As an added bonus look for gums that contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol, that can actually help protect your teeth further against tooth decay! Just don’t

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When choosing a red lipstick skip the warmer tones and choose ones with blue or cool bases to make your teeth look WHITER! If you’re not sure how to tell, just test them on the back of your hand and it will be pretty obvious which one is warm and which one is cool.

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#Popcorn is the leading cause of fractured teeth in most practices-probably because we’re at the movies stuffing handfuls of it in our faces like no one is watching 👀 and then CRACK you bite down on that devilish 😾 un-popped kernel! My advice, knowing popcorn will NEVER go out of style…eat one at a time.

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Grand Street Dental Featured on

We were recently featured in an article on — Check it out!!!

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Dr. Plotnick Featured on Fabulous Forever

Dr. Plotnick was recently asked about what sort of foods to stay away from during the summer month. Check it out HERE!

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Tongue Scraping || DO IT!!

Do you or someone you love have bad breath? 😐Tongue scraping drastically improves bad breath by significantly reducing oral bacteria from the crevices of all areas the tongue. This Ayurvedic daily routine for maintaining oral health should be done on a regular basis, in the morning. A tongue scraper is a long, thin, flat piece

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