Baby Teeth

They’re JUST baby teeth they don’t matter right? Wrong! To my #Williamsburg parents ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ learn my top 5 reasons to care properly for this first set!

1. Baby teeth act as space maintainer for the adult teeth-if a baby tooth is extracted, the surrounding teeth will shift into its space potentially blocking out the adult teeth from erupting in and creating unnecessary crowding-by taking great care of this first set you can avoid extractions and lengthy orthodontic procedures

2. Baby teeth aid in proper phonetics and speech development for your mini-me. Learning how to speak properly depends greatly on the ability to rest your tongue and lips on your teeth!

3. Ouch, cavities hurt! So brush twice a day and visit the dentist as soon as they turn 1 to make good oral hygiene and dental visits fun!

4. Proper chewing-baby teeth are used to eat right?! Cavity free baby teeth allow your little one to eat and chew properly helping maintain a nutritious diet.

5. Confidence! Studies have shown that even your young ones will have confidence issues if they don’t like their smile. Keep teeth looking healthy and bright with a diet rich in fiber and low in sugar!


Happy healthy brushing!