Listen to Our Spotify Playlist

Our newest addition to GSD’s spotify channel! A chill mix of electro, space pop, and mellow grooves. Pour yourself a cold one 💧and listen to it all day! Search Grand Street Dental on


No Cavities No 😭! Just another one of our favorite curated mixes available to download! Soul-y rock steady with a bit of Bob Marley 🇯🇲! Find it on Spotify under Grand Street Dental and listen to it all day.


Music we can DRILL to! Our patients are constantly asking about our music, so I wanted to share my current favorite mix we created •Funky Breath• an eclectic mix of R&B and soul from around the world. Find it on Spotify under Grand Street Dental!


“Float like Gravity, Never had a Cavity” 4 hours of old school #hiphop and 90’s favorites! Find it on #Spotify under Grand Street Dental