So you like your coffee ☕️ huh? Me too! That’s why I whiten my teeth about once a year!

Many of the foods, drinks and habits we have can stain our teeth. Read on 👇🏼 to learn more ways to whiten and brighten your smile for the summer.

  1. Professional In-office Whitening treatment such as Glo whitening. Hydrogen peroxide gel is carefully applied to your teeth and activated with heat and light to help lift the shade of your teeth up to 4 levels higher! This process takes about an hour with very little sensitivity✨-perfect for those out there that struggle with other whitening systems!
  2. Custom trays with bleaching gel-trays can be fabricated for you by taking impressions of your teeth. These flexible trays can be worn in the comfort of your home to also lift the shade of your teeth. The process will generally take 4-7 days with 30-40 min wear each day to achieve the lift you desire.
  3. Whitening toothpastes have now started to incorporate hydrogen peroxide to help whiten your smile. I prefer toothpastes that help lift your smile using peroxide vs abrasive particles which can wear down your enamel!