Jage J.

Dr. Plotnick is just incredible. I went to her needing two broken and badly damaged wisdom teeth removed, one that was close to a very expensive bridge. I had previously had horrible pain at the dental place I went to before and swore I would find a much better dentist this time around. Dr. Jennifer Plotnick is it! She made me feel instantly at ease in the chair, and when I told her I couldn’t take too much of the Novocain that made my heart race, she gave me the option for a version that had none of those effects which I had never been offered before. And even better…I felt NO PAIN AT ALL during the removal of two badly cracked wisdom teeth! I had no swelling afterwards, no pain and the whole experience was great! Hard to think I could say this about a dental procedure but I am so lucky to have found Dr. Plotnick and will be going back to her for the rest of my life!